SSH Server 7.6

SSH server to securely transfer data to/from Volumes. Supports scp, rsync, wget, curl, rclone.
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In this article in Puzl blog, we show how to upload data efficiently with the help of ssh and rsync.

Recommended minimal configuration
Optional resources

NVMe-based storage

$0.004 per GB-day

You can request any amount of CPU and RAM during the installation process.

About this App


SSH server is used to transfer your data securely over an encrypted channel. It supports a broad spectrum of useful tools: scp, rsync, wget, curl, rclone.

To minimize costs Puzl recommends to setup an SSH server and transfer data to your Volume prior to installing high-load Applications. This way you'll get your data in a cloud at almost zero costs.

How To Deploy SSH Server

Click the 'Install' button at the top of this page and pick a Volume, that you're going to use to store your data. You may either create a new Volume or pick an existing one. That's it!

Getting started after installing SSH server

On the installed Application's page you will see an 'Access' Panel with the credentials you need to access your Volume.

Connecting to the server

  1. Add SSH key in the Security tab in the Puzl Dashboard.
  2. Open your SSH client. Mac OS X and Linux includes the SSH client - Terminal - by default. For Windows we recommend PuTTY.
  3. Type and press enter:
  1. If you're asked to print user name, enter: ubuntu

  2. After successful login you'll get to the root of your Volume. Use ls -l to list available files and folders.

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How to upload data efficiently with the help of ssh and rsync.
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