CPU is a type of Kubernetes compute resources measured in CPU units (vCPU on Puzl). On Puzl, 1 vCPU is equivalent to one thread of AMD EPYC 2nd Gen core, 2.5GHz or higher.

Available processors

ModelKubernetes resource nameClockL3 Cache
AMD EPYC™ 7502cpu2.5GHz128Mb


Usage is billed on per-second basis. The amount of vCPU spent by the Customer is calculated to the nearest second. Standard Service Level Agreement applies.

Refer to a particular service to see price.

Exclusive and shared cores

Some calculations require using exclusive CPU cores, otherwise performance may drop due to high L3 cache utilization. To request exclusive cores, you should set vCPU as an integer number.

Exclusive CPU cores are used only by you. To prevent cross-socket traffic they are allocated on the same CPU socket, and, if GPU is requested, on the same socket with GPU (if there are free GPUs on this socket).


  1. Puzl doesn't support vCPU units less than 1m like n and u. See more about CPU units in Kubernetes.