PostgreSQL 9.6-13.1

Open source object-relational database system with a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.
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You can request any amount of CPU and RAM during the installation process.

About this App

Note: Puzl does not offer support for this solution. Please refer to the community support options mentioned above.


PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) that is highly reliable and easy-to scale in many ways. Versions 9.6-13.1 are supported.

Puzl makes it easy to deploy, operate and scale a ready-to-use PosgreSQL in the cloud. You can easily scale storage, CPU and RAM independently to fit application requirements even after app was created. You're paying only for resources actually utilized by the app on per second basis, without paying for the infrastructure.

How To Deploy PostgreSQL

Click the 'Install' button at the top of this page and fill in the form.

  • Access: you can pick whether you need your database to be accessed from outside of the cluster. To change this setting installing your app, click 'Upgrade' on the app's page.
  • Volume: specify a desired capacity for a Volume used to store the database. A fast NVMe-based storage will be created. You can increase its capacity after installing the app.

Also, you can set up database version, username and database name, as well as CPU and RAM request in the advanced section.

Getting started after installing PostgreSQL

Once the App is installed you will see an 'Access' Panel with the credentials you need to access your PostgreSQL.

How to connect to the server

Via psql:


Via docker:

docker run -it --rm postgres:alpine psql -h <EXTERNAL_HOST> -p <EXTERNAL_PORT> -U <USER_NAME> -d <DATABASE_NAME>

To access private postges, you can use kubectl to forward an internal port. Internal port is provided in the Access panel on the corresponding app's page. Then, use to access your database from any postgres client.

kubectl port-forward svc/<APP_NAME>-postgresql <INTERNAL_PORT>:5432

Postgresql default parameters

This app is based on the following software
PostreSQL Docker ImagePostgreSQL License