Puzl - the first Pure Kubernetes Cloud

Puzl - the first Pure Kubernetes Cloud

by Nik Paushkin, CEO
Last updated on 24 Aug, 2022

What is Pure Kubernetes Cloud?

We define that concept as a cloud with a set of shared Kubernetes clusters, where users get access to own fully isolated Kubernetes namespaces directly, without need to manage any virtual machines, cloud instances or Kubernetes cluster itself.

In Pure Kubernetes Cloud you get access to Kubernetes API, but you have permissions to manage only your namespace. You pay only for resources used by running pods and persistent volume claims in your namespace. If your Kubernetes namespace is empty, you pay nothing.

Puzl is the first cloud provider (known to us), which realizes such an approach. Using Puzl, you can allocate cloud computing resources much easier and more flexible: the minimum possible requests are 0.1vCPU and 128MB of RAM.

I already use AWS / Digital Ocean / Google Cloud / any other cloud provider. Why should I try Puzl?

There are many reasons to try Puzl, but let’s speak about the key advantages:

1. If there is no DevOps engineer in your team, the management of cloud infrastructure (instances, droplets, virtual machines, etc.) can be annoying. It takes more and more time to support and orchestrate your infrastructure while your project is growing.

Kubernetes is made to simplify the deployment and scaling of your applications. That’s a good point to use it instead of bare cloud instances. If you have never used Kubernetes before or you don’t have a lot of applications to orchestrate yet, it’s ok to start learning Kubernetes with Puzl, since you don’t need to deploy the whole Kubernetes cluster. In Puzl you pay only for computing resources used by your running applications. If your application is growing, you can simply change its resources requests or scale it up in seconds using several replicas even in a runtime.

It is dangerous if you miss something in the network policy or pod security policies, since there are many attack vectors on containerized applications. Puzl gives you access to Kubernetes without any configuration needed. Kubernetes cluster is already up and running, pod security policies and network policies are set up. Puzl is a ready-to-go Kubernetes solution.

3. If you set up your Kubernetes cluster in some cloud and configured it properly, you should still keep an eye on your cloud instances to scale them effectively. You should not only decide when to run or shut down instances depending on your application’s load, but also choose the right amounts of instance’s CPU and RAM, since cloud providers usually don’t let you run instances with a custom amount of resources.

Puzl lets you avoid the challenge of efficient resources utilization: you haven’t a headache with cloud instances orchestration, and you can run pods directly with any resources requests. Moreover, if your application runs on-demand and does nothing most of the time, you can create a burstable pod for that app. This means that your application will be allowed to request a minimum amount of resources, but its limits can be much higher. If your application uses it somewhen, you will pay only for the requested amount plus that temporarily used overhead.

How can I get started?

Just join Puzl, and your cloud Kubernetes namespace will be ready in seconds, you shouldn’t post any special request to a support team. Top up a balance with a minimum amount of 10 EUR, and you will immediately get access to sufficient vCPU, RAM and GPUs.

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